“My Beautiful Mind’s ABC’s” was written by Dr Leah Olsen both for parent and child to explore big ideas in a positive light.  Dr Leah is a primary care physician in Newberg Oregon.  She treats neurological disease in the most natural way possible and frequently speaks on the topic, teaching other physicians and patients about options to treat the brain.   Often, she finds that disease of all kinds is linked to the beliefs that govern behavior.  Since the whole philosophy at The Clover Clinic is to treat the cause, it seemed appropriate to start from the beginning.

“Parenthood can be full of trials, guilt and repeated generations of mistakes; conversely, it can be filled with love, understanding, patience and growth for both the parents and the children.  I hope with all my heart that the latter will be your choice and your focus as you embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures in this life.  I hope that you share it with others and be a part of this project to make a lasting impact; to bring positive change from home to home from the very start of life.

Family Champoeg Park

Our children take art lessons with the illustrator, Elizabeth Berg.  She is an amazing artist and she took the Olsen family as her muse for the artwork (can you tell?).  Elizabeth is a positive and genuinely loving person who appreciates the teaching potential of the visual arts, the power of small acts of kindness and emanates gratitude in all that she does.  My mission was to create a children’s coloring book to bring positive changes to this next generation and it has been greatly enhanced by her illustrations. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Berg.”

~ Dr Leah                   


” E…e… is for Energy that I use to create”