Download the first version of the coloring book today and print it as many times as your children can color it! If you don’t have a printer (or if you’ve been out of ink for 3 months now) you can access it in from your email at a library or from a print shop like Kinkos.

Janice ColoringBeautiful Mind Coloring book

“It’s so refreshing to have a book that doesn’t talk down to my children and what a positive influence to have around!”  ~ M.G., Florida

If you would like to purchase it as an anonymous gift, please select that option and you will in effect be giving 2 coloring books to a developing mind.

“Thank you for making this available as a gift!  It’s very easy to share.  Can’t wait for the colored, published book.” ~ R.T., Oregon

The vision of this project is to reach out to as many beautiful minds as possible.  There are people who don’t have $10 for the download or a way to purchase with a card online.  If you know that person or group of people, please let us know by sending us an email: info at beautifulmastermind.com

abc book0026

Together, we can make the world a better place, but it will most certainly start in our minds.

Thank you!

                                      ~ Dr. Leah