The minds of children are precious, often underestimated and eagerly inviting new ideas and concepts every second of the day.  I think we can all reflect on traits we would like our children to have to help them in the inevitable adventures of their lives.  If you’re looking to feed your child’s mind about concepts in self awareness, confidence, reflective internal growth, you can download the coloring book for a start to those conversations.  We all want our children to have solid self esteem, a solution oriented attitude, the ability to learn things and think about concepts from their own point of view… above all, I think we all want our children to be happy.

Happy Baby

From very early on, our subconscious mind is a sponge, soaking up as much as possible in the earliest years to then build on in years to come.  I wrote this book to be thought provoking, positive and with challenging vocabulary often censored from children’s books.  I want there to be questions and open ended answers.  I would love for both the parent and the young mind being read to to be mentally stimulated and nourished with positive thought.

“My Beautiful Mind’s ABC’s” is an introduction to the child and a reminder for the rest of us.

ABC_H (1)

“H… h… is for Happiness, which we find inside, you know”

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Within each of us we hold a potential that has unknown capabilities.  We can surprise ourselves with discoveries, inventions, and successes.  At the same time, we, as humans, balance our emotions, our thoughts and our growth in this life.  This growth and balance is like that of a tightrope walker or a ballerina en  pointe; it can seem easy, but it takes practice and when you are up close, you can clearly see the deviations from side to side as balance is a process.   The power of thought overcomes circumstances and generates the fire from within that is needed to take us each to the next level, wherever that is for us at that moment.

Janice Ballet small


The skills of thought freedom, awareness of the positive potential we all hold and the desire to grow is what we want to pass on to our children so that, although they may have bad days, they choose mostly good ones.   I hope you enjoy My Beautiful Mind’s pictures and message as you answer thought provoking questions for your kids and give them the seed of ideas that can grow into incredible life skills for them.  It’s an opportunity for parents to reflect upon their own values and patterns in life, answering valid and challenging questions that may come from the child.

ABC_D (1)

“D… d… is for Decision, which I make firm and easily.”

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